Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net worth, Career, Parents, Wife and more.

Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month, Wiki

Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month:-Here in this blog, we will tell you about Dhawal Patil’s personal and professional life. Dhawal Patil gained attention as the fiancé of Sayli Kamble from Indian Idol. Their relationship has been quite popular among fans of the show. Today people are already interested in knowing His, It sounds like there’s a lot of interest in Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month! Here’s a brief overview of his personal and professional life including biography, career, family, sister, Father, Mother, lifestyle, Girlfriend, and many more. All of His details are listed below.

Overview Of Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month and his Biography

Dhawal Patil, born on 26 November 1992 in India, gained popularity as the fiancé of Sayli Kamble, a well-known figure from Indian Idol. They tied the knot in Royal Garden in Kalyan, Mumbai, on April 29, 2022. Dhawal works for India’s LIC.  If you want to know more Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net worth, Career, Parents, Wife and more continue read this blog.

Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month, Wiki, Biography, Age, Net worth, Career, Parents, Wife and more.

Here’s a detailed table with information about Dhawal Patil:

Category Details
Full Name Dhawal Patil
Age 29 years old
Date of Birth 26 November 1992
Salary Per Month Not publicly available
Net Worth Not publicly available
Career Musician, known for his work in the Indian music industry
Parents Not publicly available
Wife Sayli Kamble

Unfortunately, detailed information about Dhawal Patil’s monthly salary, net worth, and parents is not widely available in the public domain. However, he is recognized for his career as a musician and his marriage to Sayli Kamble, who is also a notable figure in the Indian music scene.

Dhawal Patil Career

Dhawal Patil was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He works for LIC India and gained public attention for proposing to his long-term girlfriend, Sayli Kamble, a finalist on Indian Idol known for her singing talent. Dhawal and Sayli got married on April 29, 2022, in a ceremony held at the Royal Garden in Kalyan, Mumbai.

Dhawal attended a private school for his early education and later went to Sahyog College for his higher studies. He started his career at a young age and is recognized as a talented individual.

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Dhawal Patil Parents

Dhawal Patil’s father’s name is unknown, while his mother’s name is Mamta Patil. He also has a sibling named Vrushali. For more information about both of our love stories, continue reading this article to find all the details.

Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month/Net Worth

N/A About Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month and networth.

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Dhawal Patil FAQ

Who is Dhawal Patil?

Dhawal Patil is a professional associated with the entertainment industry, known for his connection to Sayli Kamble, an Indian singer who gained fame from her participation in various music reality shows.

What is Dhawal Patil’s profession and Dhawal Patil Salary Per Month?

Dhawal Patil is known to be an entrepreneur, although specific details about his business ventures are not widely publicized.

Who is Dhawal Patil married to?

Dhawal Patil is married to Sayli Kamble. They got married in April 2022.

Does Dhawal Patil have any children?

As of the latest available information, Dhawal Patil and Sayli Kamble do not have any children.

What is Dhawal Patil’s educational background?

Specific details about Dhawal Patil’s educational background are not publicly available.

Where is Dhawal Patil from?

Dhawal Patil is from India, though specific details about his hometown or region are not widely known.

Is Dhawal Patil active on social media?

Dhawal Patil maintains a relatively low profile on social media compared to his wife, Sayli Kamble. However, he does appear in some of her posts.

What are Dhawal Patil’s hobbies and interests?

Details about Dhawal Patil’s hobbies and interests are not widely publicized. However, he appears to support and accompany Sayli Kamble in her musical endeavors and public appearances.

Are there any notable public appearances or events involving Dhawal Patil?

Dhawal Patil has made public appearances alongside Sayli Kamble, particularly in events related to her music career and reality show participation.

What is known about Dhawal Patil’s family?

There is limited public information available about Dhawal Patil’s family. His relationship with Sayli Kamble and their public appearances together are more prominently covered in the media.

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