Kanhoji Angre Wiki, Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Parents, Wife, Death, History, Family

Kanhoji Angre Wiki, Biography

Kanhoji Angre Wiki, Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Parents, Wife, Death, History, Family:- He was a famous and professional  Indian Grand Admiral of the Maratha Navy. Kanhoji became known for attacking and capturing European merchant ships, as well as collecting jakat (locally known as taxes), which Europeans perceived as ransoming their crews. These raids frequently targeted British, Dutch, and Portuguese ships. Despite the Portuguese and British attempts to stop him, Angre continued to capture and collect jakat from European merchant ships until his death in 1729.

Kanhoji’s naval prowess in capturing and evading capture of dozens of European trading ships has led many historians to regard Kanhoji as the most skilled Indian Grand Admiral in India’s maritime history.

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Kanhoji Angre Wiki, Biography

He was born on 1669, and his place of birth is Suvarnadurg, Maratha Empire. He was famous Indian Grand Admiral of the Maratha Navy. In 1698, the chief of Satara appointed him as Sarkhel or Darya-Saranga (Admiral). Except for the property of the Muslim Siddis of Murud-Janjira, who were affiliated with the powerful Mughal Empire, he was master of the Western coast of India from Mumbai to Vingoria (now Vengurla) in present-day Maharashtra under that authority.

When we discuss Kanhoji Angre schooling at details are not known and graduation from details are not known.

 Kanhoji Angre Family

Now comes to his family detail, when we discuss his father and mother’s names are Tukoji and Ambabai. His father was a commander of 200 posts at Suvarnadurg under Shivaji. Little is known about his childhood, except that he was involved in daring sea adventures with his father. He spent a large portion of his childhood in the Suvarnadurg Fort. Kanhoji was raised among Koli sailors and learned the trade from them. When Suvranadurg’s Killedar (fort commander) attempted to defect to the Siddis of Janjira in 1685, an 18-year-old Angre took control of the fort and captured the Killedar.

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How old was Kanhoji Angre(Age)?

He was born on 1669, and his place of birth is Suvarnadurg, Maratha Empire. His age was  59–60 years.

Kanhoji Angre Wife, Girlfriend

According to sources of information, we find that his marital status is not known. He never talks about his wife or girlfriend. He keeps his life private.

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