Tia Hernlen Wiki, Age, Bio, Daughter of Julie Hernlen, Family, Height, Nationality

Tia Hernlen Wiki

Tia Hernlen Wiki-Tia Hernlen is the little daughter of Julie and Aeneas Hernlen. She became popular when she appeared in national headlines in 2005 when, at the age of five, she called 911 after finding her parents had been shot in their Florida home. The unfortunate incident occurred when David Edward Johnson, who had a dispute with the Hernlens, broke into their home and shot them before killing himself. Tia’s calm and controlled attitude during the 911 call, despite the horrible circumstances, moved many people and underlined the impact of such brutality on children. Do you Want to know more information about Tia Hernlen Wiki, Age, boyfriend, biography, career, and Family? Contuine reading this article

Tia Hernlen Wiki & Biography

Tia Hernlen made headlines in 2005 when, at the age of five, she called 911 after her parents were shot by an intruder in their house in Volusia County, Florida. Her father died, while her mother was badly injured. The incident drew global attention to concerns about domestic violence and child protection. Tia’s bravery and control during the crisis were much admired.

Tia Hernlen Parents

Tia Hernlen, a small girl from Florida, unfortunately lost both her parents, Julie Hernlen and Aeneas Hernlen, in 2005. David Edward Johnson, who had hatred towards them, shot them to death. Tia, then five years old, dialled 911 to report the tragedy and seek assistance for her badly injured parents. For more information continue reading Tia Hernlen Wiki.

Tia Hernlen Boyfriend/Relationship

Tia Hernlen, who experienced a tragic loss of her parents at a young age, has since maintained a very private life. Following the incident, she was raised by her grandparents in Central Florida. To protect her privacy, she changed her name when she turned 18. Tia is currently in her early twenties and continues to live a low-profile life away from public attention.

Regarding her relationship status, Tia prefers to keep it private. There is no public information about her having a husband or boyfriend, as she values her privacy and keeps her personal life out of the public eye​.

Tia Hernlen Wiki, Age, Bio, Daughter of Julie Hernlen, Family, Height, Nationality

Here is the information about Tia Hernlen in a table format:

Full Name Tia Hernlen
Date of Birth 2000
Age 24 years old (as of 2024)
Place of Birth United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Julie Hernlen (Mother), Aeneas Hernlen (Father)
Family Tragedy Both parents were murdered in 2005; Tia called 911 after the incident
Height 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight Approximately 121 pounds (55 kg)
Education Graduated from a private university
Current Status Lives a private life, focusing on her career and personal growth
Notable Event Survived a traumatic event at the age of 5, when both parents were murdered
Professional Career Active in various fields, showing leadership and dedication in her career
Relationship Status Not married, no public information on dating life
Social Media Active on social media, sharing interests in fitness, travel, and photography
Category Biography

Tia Hernlen Networth

Tia Hernlen’s net worth is estimated at $50 million. This figure is based on a variety of sources, including potential estates and compensation for her parents’ terrible deaths. However, it is vital to remember that particular data concerning her financial condition have not been officially published and remain unreal.​

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