Vikram Kirloskar Wiki, Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Parents, Children, Wife, Net worth, Profession, Death

Vikram Kirloskar Wiki, Biography

Vikram Kirloskar Wiki:- Vikram was born in the year 1958 in Pune( not confirmed). He is the chairperson of Toyota Kirloskar Motor. He gets an award for India’s automotive industry because of his work. he brought Toyota to India. People are getting shocked by hearing about his death news because he is the chairperson of Toyota. The reason behind the growth of the company was Vikram.

When we talk about Vikram’s family, In his family every family member is now a part of the Kirloskar group. In the year 1888, this company was founded and at that time the company start with products such as centrifugal pumps, engines, compressors, screw & centrifugal chillers, and other things.

People who want to know about him. Continue reading Vikram Kirloskar Wiki and Biography with his personal information from this article.

Vikram Kirloskar Wiki, Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Parents, Children, Wife, Net worth, Profession, Death

He was born in 1958 but recently he died on 29th November 2022, His death of reason was cardiac arrest. When he died his age was 64 years. He is a well-known businessman and chairperson of Toyota Kirloskar Motor. When we discuss his personal life he spent the most time in Bengaluru.

He attend Lawrence School in Ooty, Tamil Naidu, and graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and after then he started his journey of business and he achieved his goal successfully to becoming a famous businessman.

He holds Indian nationality.

Vikram Kriloskar Wife

His marital status was married and his ex-wife’s name was Geetanjali Kirloskar. She is a director at Kirloskar Systems Limited. Both couples met first time in Bengaluru when Vikram was 24 years old and Geetanjali was only 58 years old. They came into a relationship and after a few months of their relationship get got married. After then they both have one daughter named Manasi Kirloskar who got married to Ratan Tata’s Nephew in 2019 Mr, Neville Tata.


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